"Hey! People are lining up for the bus!" I shouted in disbelief because I had NEVER seen Chinese people line up for any form of transportation before. The idea of Chinese people getting into lines for public transportation seemed so absurd at this point that seeing people line up literally left me stunned.

"Hmmm," Jess said half-heartedly as she continued to read the map. "I guess that is possible... there's our bus." She said in mid-stride.

I caught up, got in line to board the double decker bus and reluctantly followed Jess to the top only to find that it was completely empty and thus the better decision. Even though I had only been in Xi'an for a few minutes I could already tell that it was MUCH different from any part of China I'd ever traveled to before. Looking out of my bus window I saw a brightly painted overpass that gave way to a uniquely ancient, modern city. A single building has a mixture of traditional Chinese architecture with arched, rippled roofs and western architecture containing massive columns. ‘Amazed’ doesn't begin to describe my impression of Xi'an. (Side note: I wish had pictures to show, but they were all lost in an unfortunate incident that you'll read about in my next blog.)

    Tempestt Gavins

    This is my fourth time to visit but my first year living in China.  It has been an amazing experience so far, especially with being one of the few black girls among many Chinese people.  Follow me as I experience China.

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